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Carbon Filters

How to choose the right hydroponic carbon filter first time.

Selecting the best carbon filter to buy for your grow room or tent can be mind boggling. We have attempted to remove this burden and present you with a comprehensive choice of odor eliminating filters with the best deals on the net.

By using our 'Shop By' filtering menu you can compare by brand, price, airflow and duct connection size giving you the flexibility you need to get it right first time.

Which Brands do we recommend?

We are constantly reviewing carbon filters and our stock will reflect the very best selection based on efficiency, value and longevity. Selecting the right filter is definitely and art and a science due to the varying factors of each grow room and the lack of credible technical information on them. Even now, no carbon filter supplier offers any form of information to help you get it right first time.

Rhino Pro Filters

Often quoted as the best filter available and true in some cases but you must ask yourself a few questions before assuming that the best is right for you. Rhino Pro filters are packed with good quality carbon that has a large surface area for eliminating smells but at a cost. They are expensive and the size of the carbon granules are inconsistent, anything from dust to small pea size pieces making them dirty with very little airflow space. This causes your airflow to be dramatically reduced often leaving no option but to oversize fans to compensate.

We recommend Rhino Pro Filters for professional growers that have heavy cropping plants and where dense odors are present. We also suggest to use with high capacity centrifugal fans that can handle airflow pressures of no less than 150 Pa.

Buddy Carbon Filters

A recent review in Hydromag rated Buddy Filters a surprising 4th overall. This review raised a few eyebrows in the trade with this relative newcomer now firmly taking their place alongside other credible brands. Buddy's have high quality consistent pellitsed carbon that allows good airflow. 

We recommend Buddy Carbon Filters if you are a hobby grower with no more than four plants per filter. Medium to high capacity mixed-flow, hybrid-flo or centrifugal fans can be used that can handle airflow pressures of no less than 100 Pa. In our opinion, Buddy's are awesome for one to two grows, especially if you are on a budget.

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