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Black Orchid Hybrid-flo In-line Hydroponic Grow Room Fan

  • Airflow rates from 180 to 1040 m3/hour.

  • 4, 5, 6 and 8" diameter sizes.

  • Excellent choice for odour removing carbon filters.

  • 2 Selectable speeds: High/Low/Off.

  • Unique 'fan-in-a-box' feature for silent operation.

  • Will fit directly on to carbon filters with a 4" spigot.

  • Supplied with a 1.8m power cable and UK fitted plug.

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Black Orchid

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Black Orchid Hybrid-flo In-line Hydroponic Grow Room Fan

The Black Orchid Hybrid-floTM range of extractor fans takes ventilating your tent or grow room to the next level. The unique hybrid-flo impeller allows far superior airflow rates while maintaining a high resistance to ducting and carbon filters. Low noise levels are also achieved with the aid of air straitening gators mounted at the back of the fan. The two-speed motor allows high and low speeds to be selected easily and has a splash proof switch. The middle section is also removable to allow easy cleaning. The 8" spigots are long enough to allow easy connection of ducting with clips or tape.

Black Orchid Hybrid-floTM fans also has a hidden feature. If you look closely at the stylish black packing box you will notice it has push out discs at either end. This enables you to use the box as an acoustic chamber. Simply push out the discs, connect the ducting to your fan and you have your own acoustic box fan. This not only keeps your set up tidy, it will also reduce breakout noise. Furthermore, we have known customer fill the box with fabric, polystyrene chippings or foam to reduce noise levels even further.

Watch the Black Orchid Hybrid-flo fan in action


  • Perfect for small rooms and tents and has a high resistance to carbon filters and medium duct runs.
  • 4, 5, 6 and 8" sizes to choose from.
  • 2 Selectable speeds: High and low.
  • Unique 'fan-in-a-box' feature for silent operation.
  • Will fit directly on to carbon filters with a 8" spigot.
  • Supplied with a 1.8m power cable and UK fitted plug.
  • Removable middle section for easy cleaning.
  • Pressure drop up to 340 Pa.
  • Airflows upto 1040 m3/hour.
  • Unique Hydrid-flo blade.
  • Hybrid-floTM technology – faster, stronger, quieter.
  • Long life ball bearing motors and thermal protection to prevent motor burnout.

Tech Spec

Code Duct Size Airflow on Low Airflow on High Max Sound Power


4" (100mm) Dia

180 m3/hour

245 m3/hour

32 dB(A) @ 3m



5" (125mm) Dia

240 m3/hour

350 m3/hour

34 dB(A) @ 3m



6" (150mm) Dia

415 m3/hour

565 m3/hour

46 dB(A) @ 3m



8" (200mm) Dia

830 m3/hour

1040 m3/hour

52 dB(A) @ 3m



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Additional Info

Additional Info

Tech Spec

Black Orchid Hybrid-flo In-line Hydroponic Grow Room Fan

Country of Manufacture
Size No
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Customer Reviews (1)

Best Fan On MarketReview by Nemesis One
This is seriously a good fan, ive been using the older version, with the grey blades, continuously for the last 2 years & when I say continuously I mean 24 hours a day for 2 years, want proof? check my journals out at, just look for my name. Its all there and I have had no problems at all with that fan, ive stripped it a couple of times to give it a light clean but that's it!
whats even better is it runs well with all speed controllers, from the cheap dial type controllers to the high end evo tech ones, which is what I use as the cheap ones do make it buzz a little bit more I will admit, but when its in the box its not a problem at all, even better if its hanging in your tent.
As I do what I do for a profession, research and development etc.., I need the best air circulation systems going, ive used most of the major brands but nothing comes close to performance for price & quality as these fans do. Same as the even flo filters black orchid make, absolutely rock solid.
I own a few of these extraction fans and plan to get more, always get the biggest you can aswell, less strain on the fan, I run my 6 inch fan at 50% throttle, through a 60cm x 6 inch black orchid even flo filter, all in a 1.2 x 2.4 x 2.3 area with over 1800 watts output of Osram LED power. keeps it lovely and cool and my plants love it.
and don't forget, for over 2 years aswell.
Now, sorry if im coming across as a salesman here, I can assure you, im not. or a rep.
I care more about my horticulture and that means giving them the best air flow I can.
also to advise others about the testing I have completed. so here I am.
I hope my review helps you make the right choice in purchasing your extraction fan as it is a massive market out there and a lot of the fans are really just cheaper made copies of these ones anyway.
Peace all & Happy Growing!
(Posted on 18/01/2016)

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