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Aqua-pod - Mini Hydroponic Home Indoor Garden - White

Aqua-pod - Mini Hydroponic Home Indoor Garden - White

  • Stylish white finish with all you need to start growing straight away.

  • Unique soil-less Aqua-pod system that makes growing effortless with no dirt or mess.

  • Quicker growth in a balanced water, air and nutrient solution.

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Aerogarden Aqua-pod - Mini Hydroponic Home Indoor Garden - White

Gone are the days of tasteless, short life supermarket produce. The Aerogarden Aqua-pod is a brand new concept in growing fresh herbs, spices, tomatoes, chillies, flowers and greens in your own home. The Aerogarden Aqua-pod uses a soil free growing environment of pure water, air and nutrients that will allow you to grow delicious, healthy, chemical-free plants.

What makes the Aerogarden Aqua-pod stand out is that it will look great in any kitchen, utility room, office, conservatory or any prominent place in your home. Finished in black (also available in white) with its own built-in lighting, you can watch your plants grow, teach your children about indoor gardening or show your friends a healthy crop of home grown nutritious greens, unusual herbs, hard to find spices, red hot chillies or tasty tomatoes.    

So how does the Aqua-pod work?



  • Fully self contained growing environment.
  • Suitable for first time growers, novices and all plant lovers.
  • Grow chemical-free, nutritious plants in your own home.
  • Everything included in one kit.
  • Step-by-step growing, pruning and harvesting instructions.
  • Control of water, light and nutrients.
  • Large choice of seed growing kits.
  • Eco-friendly, high yield plant nutrients provided.
  • Learn how to grow your own produce.
  • Accessories and spares available.
  • Pesticide, fungicide, growth hormone free produce.
  • Extendable light post for use as your plants grow.
  • Simple to use plant group selection.
  • Low water LED alarm.
  • RoHs and CE approved.
  • 2 x high PAR low energy grow-lights included.
  • Mains operated and fitted with UK 3-pin plug.
  • 2 year warranty.


Seed Packs

Choose from our range of seed packs that included everything you need: Seeds, grow cubes, propagating domes, nutrients, growing, pruning and harvesting instructions and eco-friendly plant nutrients.

Gourmet Herbs Seed Pack

Gourmet Herbs Seed PackIf you enjoy fresh herbs, you are going to enjoy the Gourmet Herbs Seed Pack for your Aerogarden. If you are just beginning to utilise herbs in your cooking, you will love the variety in this pack. Consider chives or basil for that extra zest to your favourite classics.

In just 3-4 weeks, you will have your first harvest and continue to relish the plentiful herbs for up to 5 months. Then simply start afresh.

The following seeds are included in this pack: Red Rubin Basil, Dill, Thyme, Chives, Mint, Parsley and Globe Basil.

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International Basil Seed Pack

Gourmet Herbs Seed PackBe among the few who can enjoy the most exotic flavours of basil that cannot be obtained in a supermarket. In just 4 short months you can enjoy an abundant harvest of basil with the International Basil Seed Pack.

Discover new flavours of basil or stick to your classic favourite to compliment your salads, sauces, pesto and more!

The following seeds are included in this pack: Lemon Basil, Thai Basil, Napolitano Basil, Marseilles French Basil, Genovese Itailian Basil, Globe Basil, Red Rubin Basil.

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Salad Greens Seed Pack

Salad Greens Seed PackOur Salad Greens Seed Pack is our fastest-growing garden that is sure to produce a daily harvest of garden-fresh lettuce. You can begin harvesting in a very short time. As quickly as two and a half weeks is all that is needed to produce pesticide-free lettuce that makes delectable salads that compliments many meals.

Length of Harvest: Daily for 3-4 months.

The following seeds are included in this pack: Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Butterhead, Romaine.

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 Cascading Petunia Seed Pack

Cascading Petunias Seed PackAlways have a colourful, fresh bouquet of petunias on display with our Cascading Petunia Seed Pack for your Aerogarden. This bouquet consists of white, purple and pink blooms.

You can have your own indoor garden of petunia’s that germinate quickly and start blooming within a months time. The petunias will first flourish upwards before cascading over the sides, creating a beautiful arrangement unlike any other.

Plant Height: Medium

The following seeds are included in this pack: A mix of Petunia seeds.

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Grow Anything Seed Pack

Grow Anything Seed PackImagine having an AeroGarden that lets you plant and enjoy your favourite seeds. Our Grow Anything Seed Packs allow you to do just that. Whether you prefer snap peas or wildflowers, this pack is what you need.

You can also root cuttings of your favourite plants. Tomatoes and roses root especially well. Enjoy your outdoor garden, inside!

The following is included in this pack: Grow Sponges (x7), Liquid Nutrients (88ml), Universal baskets to make transplanting easy (x7), Grow domes for faster germination (x7), Labels (7).

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Grow Anything XL Seed Pack

Grow Anything XL Seed PackThe Grow Anything Seed Pack XL is the larger version of the Grow Anything Seed Kit. It gives you three seasons worth of equipemt to enjoy your favourite seeds. Just plant and grow your preferred seeds in your AeroGarden.

Similar to the Grow Anything Seed Pack, you can also root your favourite cuttings. So, you are far from limited as to what you can grow and enjoy!

The following is included in this pack: Grow Sponges (x21), Liquid Nutrients (3 x 88ml), Universal baskets to make transplanting easy (x7), Grow domes for faster germination (x7), Labels (x21).

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Cherry Tomatoes Seed Pack

Cherry Tomatoes Seed PackThe Cherry Tomato Seed Pack is ideal for tomato Lovers who want a year round harvet. Our Red Heirloom tomatoes were carefully chosen because of their high yield and delectable taste. The plant naturally grows short and bushy so it wil fit perfectly in your AeroGarden.

After planting, you can expect to enjoy the wonderful taste in just 10-12 weeks. Enjoy sweet fresh tomatoes at your disposal, for snacking or in your salads.

Length of Harvest: Up to 6 months.

The following seeds are included in this pack: Red Heirloom Cherry Tomato Seed Pods (x3) and Plant Spacers (x4).

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World Chillies Seed Pack

World Chillies Seed PackWhatever your preference of chilli peppers (mild, medium or spicy) you can have it with the World Chilli Seed Pack. Enjoy mildly spicy Jalapenos, medium Red Fire (great compliment to Asian dishes) and small, fiery Super Hot.

Three varieties of zesty flavour-packed chilli peppers to spice up any dish perfectly. After planting in your AeroGarden, you can start harvesting the chilli peppers in as little as 12 weeks.

Length of Harvest: Up to 6 months.

The following seeds are included in this pack: Jalapeno (x2) - Great for Mexican dishes, Red Fire (x2) - Perfect for Asian dishes, Purple Super Hot (x3), Seed Pods.

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Additional Info

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