January 15, 2016 Comments (0) Nutrients and Media

What is Ecothrive Charge? Ecothrive’s Charge is a great new product that we have been testing and selling at Rutland Horticulture. It is 100% organic, this is because it is 100% insect frass. Frass is full of beneficial bacteria which creates a healthy root zone and provides plants

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Dutch Pro Explode 4 sizes grouped together January 14, 2016

Explode by Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro EXPLODE. Overrated or worth the cost? When working in store Dutch Pro

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the-genesis-formula-nutrients November 24, 2015

Genesis Formula: Original Mush Nutrients.

Why is The Genesis Formula such a popular nutrient range? The Genesis Formula

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Don't panic, it's organic slogan picture June 29, 2015

Organic Gardening

Our top pick of organic products for your indoor garden.

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Wilma Logo March 6, 2015

Wilma Dripper System

About the Wilma Dripper System The Wilma drip irrigation system is a collaberation

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